Monitoring Scope

Public policy developments can occur quickly and originate from many government levels or stakeholder sources. In order to stay informed Policy Monitor tracks a wide scope of government information sources. We review items as they arise and assess the policy implications for our clients.

Sources we monitor include:

  • Cabinet Orders
  • Regulatory changes
  • News releases and media events
  • Appointment to government boards and commissions
  • Public hearings and consultations
  • Crown Corporations
  • Bids on public works and services
  • Opportunities for input into public policy development
  • Relevant staffing changes within the political and public service
  • The Legislature
  • Legislation (Bills)
  • Question Period
  • Legislative debates
  • Meetings of Legislative Committees
  • Members Statements
  • Private Bills
  • Budget & Throne Speech
  • Ministry and Crown Corporation Business Plans
  • Reports of Legislative officers, such as Auditor General, Ombudsman, Information and Privacy Commissioner
  • Stakeholders & Relevant NGOs, Trade Associations